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Hi, I'm Arleen!

You might already know me, but if you don't, here's the Reader's Digest version.


I'm passionate about helping people like you be able to do what you love by getting your muscles to move in the way they were intended.


My typical massage is far from "standard."  Your session is determined by what your muscles show me and how your body reacts.  Together, we're a powerful wellness team!

My priority is helping you move as freely as possible by reducing muscular tension, stress, and discomfort your body is experiencing.  And I won't quit until you're feeling better than you have in ages.


My approach to your care is unique and comprehensive.  I combine the best of my education and experience to create a treatment that produces real, lasting results.

Three quick fun facts about me:
I love to cook and bake for friends and family, and I love sharing recipes.
I love, love, love to kayak.
I can't wait to watch my grandkids play baseball each summer and get my baseball tan!


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