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I have a condition called Chiari Malformation that causes chronic pain. One of the main issues is that my cerebrospinal fluid struggles to flow correctly, and Arleen helps tremendously with that. Seeing her once a week ensures that my CSF flows as best as possible and softens all the tension in my muscles, especially my shoulders and mid-back. Because I have Chiari, she has to approach massage with me precisely, and I’ve always felt comfortable trusting her and her expertise. Based on my experience over the past 5+ years that I’ve been seeing her, she has made a condition with no cure easier to face because she is willing and able to help in the ways she knows my body needs. She finds areas on my body that need attention that I didn’t even know to pinpoint. It’s such a curated approach that I’ve never experienced with other health professionals. Plus, she recently began using Himalayan Salt stones, which work wonders at melting away stubborn tightness, especially in areas more delicate for Chiari patients. She has the highest recommendation from me.

- Leesha M.

I have been going to Arleen for 2 years now. She helps to relieve the stress and strain on my body through massage. Arleen listens to my issues and determines how best to treat them. She has recently added Himalayan Salt stones to her toolkit. She uses the stones and the heat to target stubborn muscles and release them. My muscles love it.

- Beth L.

I received the Lymphatic Drainage Massage, and I came in not feeling my best and have had ongoing health problems for a long time, and then someone finally told me about this massage by Arleen. I went three times so far within 8 days, and I feel AMAZING! The symptoms I was struggling with have disappeared, I am feeling more energetic, and I’ve noticed a lot of swelling (that I didn’t even realize I had) has gone down.

- Shelbie M.

Arleen is an absolute miracle worker! You could not find a better massage therapist for your aches and pains. She is very knowledgeable about the body and the way it works. She listens to you; even if you don’t know exactly where the pain is, she can help you find it and work to rid you of it!

- Cheri R.

I walked in with sinus issues and a pounding three-day headache. I walked out, relieved! I will definitely go again.

- Anonymous

Arleen thoroughly found problem areas in my son that need to be worked on due to playing sports. She explained each area, its purpose, and what she was doing. She even gave us exercises to do at home to try for optimal performance.

- Gavin M.

Arleen did a great job fixing the pain I was experiencing in my leg nerves. The experience was great, and I would recommend it to anyone.

- Jeff L.

It was amazing. I walked into her office with hip pain, and I walked out without hip pain. It totally blows my mind how she does it!!!

- Anonymous

Arleen is wonderful! She is incredibly knowledgeable and skilled in her field. I’ve been receiving lymphatic massage, and the benefits have been wonderful in helping my autoimmune disease. She is truly the best around! Highly recommend her services!

- Samantha S.

I visited Arleen in April for a massage, and I’m so thankful for the gift that she has to bring relief! Before seeing her, my upper back, neck, and shoulders were completely stiff. So much so that I had to move my entire body (rather than just my head) to see in a different direction! Arleen gently and specifically worked on my problem areas, and I left her office feeling so much better than when I arrived. Arleen even took the time to show me some stretching exercises that would help me care for my tight muscles at home. She is a wonderfully caring lady and a truly gifted masseuse!

- Kristen F.

I went in to see Arleen feeling like a 90-year-old crippled with arthritis. I came out feeling like I was 40 again! This was my first visit with Arleen, and I was impressed by how thorough she was in asking me questions about my symptoms, pain, and overall health conditions. She listened attentively and developed the proper massage technique required for my symptoms. I received a therapeutic deep tissue massage, and she explained each movement and was quick to ask if I was experiencing any pain or discomfort during the process. I highly recommend Arleen, 5 stars all the way!

- Anonymous

Arleen has helped me so much. My shoulders and neck hurt so badly that I would take Tylenol every day. With going to Arleen 1 time a week for a month and now going once a month, I have no more pain. It’s amazing how I feel!!!

- Kim S.